Your question: Where are McAfee ePO logs stored?

The Windows installation logs on the client system are saved in: %TEMP%McAfeeLogs – When the McAfee Agent is installed or upgraded manually. C:WindowsTempMcAfeeLogs – If McAfee Agent is installed using push or deployment task on McAfee ePO.

Where are the McAfee logs?

By default, the McAfee Agent logs on Windows client systems are saved in <ProgramData>McAfeeAgentLogs. The Windows installation logs on the client system are saved in: %TEMP%McAfeeLogs, if the McAfee Agent is installed or upgraded manually.

Where is the ePO installer logs generated?

Installer logs

File name Log type Location
epo-install.log Installation C:ProgramDataMcAfeeePO
EPO5100-Checkin-Failure.log Installation C:ProgramDataMcAfeeePO
EPO5100-CommonSetup.log Installation C:ProgramDataMcAfeeePO
EPO5100-Install-MSI.log Installation C:ProgramDataMcAfeeePO

Which ePO process writes to the server log?

The Application Server service, or Tomcat, is responsible for displaying the ePO console GUI. The Event Parser service takes events uploaded from clients in the environment and parses them into the SQL database. The Server service, or Apache, processes and receives all agent-server communication in the environment.

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How do I get my ePO Mer logs?


  1. Select the appropriate platform and download the MER tool.
  2. Reproduce the issue. Make a note of the local computer time that the issue occurs and provide that information to Technical Support. …
  3. Run the MER tool and capture a full MER log. Use the default configuration options, including Auto-Detect products .

How do I find my McAfee event log?

Check the Event Log for recent activity

  1. Open the Endpoint Security Client.
  2. Click Event Log on the left side of the page. …
  3. Select an event from the top pane to display the details in the bottom pane. …
  4. On the Event Log page, sort, search, filter, or reload events.
  5. Navigate in the Event Log.

How do I check McAfee history?

Click My Protection icon on the left menu. Click Security History option under More security. Click one of the items if you want to get more details about the detection. The history log confirms that your McAfee Windows security product is working correctly.

Where is the system tree sorting enabled in the console?

Select Menu → Systems → System Tree → Systems, then select the systems you want. Select Actions → Directory Management → Change Sorting Status, then select whether to enable or disable System Tree sorting on selected systems.

Which ePO process writes to the Orion log?

Solution 1. The ePO Application Server (Tomcat) log file sends information to the common orion. log file. By default, the log is located in c:Program FilesMcAfeeePolicy OrchestratorServerLogs .

What are agent handlers used to?

Agent Handlers

  • Helps manage an increased number of products and systems managed by a single, logical McAfee ePO server in situations where the CPU on the database server is not overloaded.
  • Provides fault tolerant and load-balanced communication with many agents, including geographically distributed agents.
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What is McAfee Orion log?

The Orion Log Analyzer monitors messages that are written to the orion. … The Orion Log Analyzer examines the level when the log message is written. If the level is equal to or higher than the level specified in the Server Settings, the level is recorded in the McAfee ePO database.

What ports does McAfee ePO use?


Default Port Protocol Traffic direction
443 TCP Inbound/outbound connection to/from the ePO server
445 SMB Outbound connection from the ePO server
636 TCP Outbound connection from the ePO server
1433 TCP Outbound connection from the ePO server

Which of the following audit log details is found in the audit log?

An audit log is a document that records an event in an information (IT) technology system. In addition to documenting what resources were accessed, audit log entries usually include destination and source addresses, a timestamp and user login information.

How do I upload Mer logs to McAfee?

Go to Enter the Service Request number for the file to be uploaded to. Either drag and drop the file or click Select One and browse to the file. Click Upload and Attach File to start the upload.

What is Mer for ePO?

The MER for ePO tool runs MER through ePO. This product targets corporate users, where the administrator manages several computers through ePO. Its purpose is to enable the ePO administrator to run MER on client computers and collect results and logs.

How do I run a Mer log?

Selected products for running MER . Number of days of Application Logs, System Logs, and Security logs, to collect.

Run the tool on the computer for which you need the report:

  1. Right-click Mer.exe , and select Run as Administrator. …
  2. Select the Language.
  3. Click I accept the ‘End user License Agreement’, and then click Next.
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