Who is a child in need of care and protection?

As per Section 2(d) of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000, “Child in need of care and protection” means a child: (i) Who is found without any home or settlement place or abode and without any ostensible means of subsistence?

What does a child in need of care and protection mean?

definition of ‘child in need of care and protection’. It includes children who are vulnerable due. to social, economic or cultural disadvantages, such as those children found without any home. or settled place, or mentally or physically.

How many children are in need of care and protection?

Children in need of care & protection: CNCP

Within a larger block of approximately 172m children at risk, India is estimated to have nearly 35m children in need of care and protection. Many of these either have no families, or cannot safely be repatriated to them, and they fall under the protection of the JJ Act.

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Who Cannot become a member of JJ board?

Section 4(4) of the Act[6] states the measures that disqualify a person from being part of this board. As per this, a person is not eligible for this, if he/she: Has been convicted of any offence under any law on the ground that involves moral turpitude and such conviction has not been granted forgiveness/pardon.

Who is a child under Juvenile Justice Act?

Juvenile Justice Act, 1986 defined a juvenile or child to be a person who in case of a boy has not completed age of 16 years and in case of a girl 18 years of age.

Who can produce the child in need of care and protection before the committee under JJ Act?

(1) As soon as a juvenile in conflict with law is apprehended by police, he shall be placed under the charge of the special juvenile police unit or the designated police officer, who shall produce the juvenile before the Board without any loss of time but within a period of twenty-four hours of his apprehension …

Why do we need to protect the child?

An efficient protection is essential to the children’s well-being because, as vulnerable people, they are more exposed to problems of mistreatment, exploitation, discrimination and violence.

What is the need of JJ Act?

The JJ Act guarantees the security, the protection, the education and the well-being of the children in need in India. The JJ Act recommends enquiries to determine if the situation of vulnerability of a child requires a placement in a children’s home.

Who are juveniles?

Juvenile’s meaning in the dictionary

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Juvenile means childish or immature. It is an adjective, which is enlisted in the law for relating to a young person who is not yet old enough to be considered an adult, as per the Cambridge dictionary. It can be used as a noun in the law.

How many members does JJ board have?

The JJB consists of judicial magistrate of the first class and two social workers, at least one of whom should be a woman. JJB are meant to resolve cases within a four month period. Most circumstances the juvenile can be released on bail by the JJB.

Who is a child in need of care and protection discuss in detail with reference to relevant provisions from JJ Act?

Children in Need of Care and Protection

A child in need of care and protection is to be produced before the Child Welfare Committee within 24 hours. The Act provides for mandatory reporting of a child found separated from his/her guardian. Non reporting has been treated as a punishable offence.

Who is a child in conflict with law?

the term ‘children in conflict with the law’ refers to anyone under 18 who comes into contact with the justice system as a result of being suspected or accused of committing an offence. … in the area of juvenile justice, UniCeF aims to reduce incarceration while protecting children from violence, abuse and exploitation.

What is care and protection?

It is founded on Manurewa Marae acknowledging that children and young people have a right to be treated with dignity and respect; be free from physical, emotional and sexual harm and have their needs met in a safe environment.

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