What is a public protection class?

The Public Protection Classification program is a rating system with a range from 1 (best) to 10 (worst) that numerically ranks a community’s municipal fire protection system. Class 1 represents an excellent fire protection system, and class 10 indicates virtually no protection.

How do I find out my protection class?

Your state’s department of insurance has information about protection class, too. Contact the department by phone or visit the website to locate the classification.

What does PPC mean in insurance?

The Public Protection Classification (PPC) program, is a tool developed by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) for property and casualty insurers to properly assess their risk by rating fire protection services throughout the United States.

How do I find the protection class for an address?

How do I look up a Protection Class by address?

  1. Log in to WSRB.com with your user name and password.
  2. From the menu at the top of your screen, select Protection.
  3. You’ll see the search screen.
  4. The “Search Option” box will default to “Address Search,” so you can immediately enter the address you are searching for.
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What is public protection class 8B?

Class 8B is a Public Protection Classification (PPC®) for communities that provide superior fire protection services and fire alarm facilities but lack the water supply required for a PPC of Class 8 or better.

How is public protection class determined?

Public protection class and fire protection class are two terms for the same classification of a community’s fire suppression capabilities, Protection classes are determined using a 100-point scale by the Insurance Services Organization, The protection class of your home will impact your homeowners insurance rates.

What does Protection Class 10W mean?

10W. Reflects a risk property that is greater than 5 but less than 7 miles from the primary responding fire station and is within 1,000 feet of an ISO creditable water supply .

What is a good ISO rating?

In the ISO rating scale, a lower number is better: one is the best possible rating, while a 10 means the fire department did not meet ISO’s minimum requirements. … 40% comes from availability of water supply, including the prevalence of fire hydrants and how much water is available to put out fires.

What is protection class 5y?

For example, if a community has a Protection Class Grading of 5, a home in the that community will also have a Protection Class rating of 5 if the home is within 5 road miles of a recognized responding fire station and has a standard fire hydrant within 1000 feet.

What is a town class rating?

A 10-category ranking or schedule of public fire protection of cities and towns established in 1916. … Town Class 1 is the best class (a city or town having fewer than 501 points), and Town Class 10 is the worst (more than 4,500 points).

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What is protection class 9?

Protection class 9, which means the community meets the ISO requirements for quality and communications but has an inadequate water supply. Protection class 10, which means the community does not meet the ISO’s minimum standard in any category.

What is public fire protection?

A public fire protection (PFP) charge is designed to recoup the cost of building and maintaining a water system’s capacity to provide high pressures and flows to hydrants in the water system for the purpose of fire suppression.

What is fire protection class 3?

Class three refers to Insurance Service Organization (ISO) ratings. The ratings are numerically categorized from one through ten. A rating of Class “1” is the highest rating a fire department can receive.

What is a Protection Class 9 or 10?

Class 1 represents an excellent fire protection system, and class 10 indicates virtually no protection. Actually, classes 9 and 10 are both “unprotected” classes; that is, they indicate rural areas without adequate fire hydrants or fire departments.

How do I find my ISO rating?

How do I find my home’s ISO rating. Your home does not have its own unique ISO fire department rating; the area in which it is located does. This means that you and your immediate neighbors should have the same ISO fire rating. Further, your area’s ISO rating is only given to your local fire department.

What is an Aais score?

The AAIS Fire Loss and Mitigation Evaluation Score (FLAMES) is a data- driven, predictive model developed to help insurers more accurately quantify expected fire severity at the ZIP code level.

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