What does asset protection at Target do?

Assets Protection (AP) teams function to keep our guests, team and brand safe and secure and lead through crisis events. They protect profitable sales by mitigating shortage risks, preventing, investigating and resolving theft and fraud to ensure product is available for our guest.

How much do asset protection make at Target?

The typical Target Asset Protection Specialist salary is $18 per hour. Asset Protection Specialist salaries at Target can range from $11 – $27 per hour.

What does asset protection do?

Asset protection associates prevent theft or fraud in their departments by developing and implementing safety and security measures for the organization’s customers and employers. They monitor all operations with the help of surveillance cameras and equipment.

How much do asset protection associates make at Target?

How much does an Asset Protection Associate make at Target in the United States? Average Target Asset Protection Associate yearly pay in the United States is approximately $57,125, which is 65% above the national average.

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What is an asset protection position?

An asset protection specialist is responsible for supporting programs that deter theft and profit loss in retail stores. … Daily job duties include improving security methods, keeping up with trends in security, working on the store floor, training store associates in loss prevention, and inspecting the store inventory.

How much do Target asset protection managers make?

Target Salary FAQs

The average salary for an Asset Protection Manager is $55,044 per year in United States, which is 2% higher than the average Target salary of $53,442 per year for this job.

What does Target loss prevention do?

Target has an extensive shoplifting policy to prevent theft from its stores including video surveillance and security systems, security officers, and theft tracing. It employs a no chase policy, but shoplifters can be detained if they are observed stealing and banned from future entry to the store.

How does asset protection work?

Some employers accept job experience or training from the military or law enforcement instead of a degree. An asset protection associate or assistant are entry-level positions in retail stores that require little or no previous experience. Such jobs may require a high school diploma.

How does an asset protection trust work?

An asset protection trust is irrevocable, meaning that any transfer of assets into the trust is permanent. In other words, the trust would own the assets in question and they would be managed by the trustee. By removing those assets from your ownership, you can protect them against creditor lawsuits.

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What is target security specialist?

The role of a Target Security Specialist can provide you with the: Skills using intelligence-led tactics to keep team members and guests safe and secure. Experience in crisis response, safety and crowd management; providing support to both guests and team members. … Ability to utilize Target’s video surveillance system.

What is an AP position at Target?

Assets Protection & Corporate Security

By identifying, evaluating and mitigating risks, this team plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of our team members, stores, guests and physical assets.

How much does asset protection make at Walmart?

Average Walmart Asset Protection Associate hourly pay in the United States is approximately $15.65, which is 9% above the national average.

How much does a Target ETL make?

The average salary for an ETL Target is $68,670 per year in California, which is 0% higher than the average Target salary of $68,610 per year for this job.

Is asset protection the same as security?

The main purpose of an asset protection associates is to make sure the assets are safe. In addition to this, an asset protection associate must make sure that the assets are as secure as they can be as well as being productive. Security guards, on the other hand, have a different job.

What is asset protection and loss prevention?

Retail loss prevention (also known as Retail asset protection) is a set of practices employed by retail companies to preserve profit. … Most companies take this traditional approach by either having their own in-house loss prevention team or using external security agencies.

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What powers does a retail asset protection specialist have?

Asset protection specialists are required to monitor the store’s physical security and audit electronic article surveillance. They also prepare accurate and detailed case reports and interact with law enforcement as well as testify in criminal and civil court actions.