How does the HSBC Secure Key work?

HSBC Secure Key, as the name suggests, is like a front door key for your HSBC online banking. It is roughly half the size of a credit card and looks a bit like a calculator. It uses advanced technology to give you a unique passcode every time you log on.

How do I activate my HSBC Secure Key?

Activate your Digital Secure Key

  1. Follow the instructions on-screen to log on to the HSBC Mobile Banking app.
  2. Enter your username.
  3. Answer your memorable question and the requested characters from your password, select ‘continue’
  4. You will be prompted to activate your Digital Secure Key now or later, choose ‘activate now’

Does HSBC Secure Key run out of battery?

If your battery is running low you can replace your HSBC Secure Key by: Switching to Digital Secure Key via the ‘Manage Secure Key’ section within Online Banking after you have logged in. You will then be able to use your mobile phone to generate your secure key codes.

Is HSBC Digital secure key safe?

We take your online safety very seriously. If you use online or mobile banking, our physical or Digital Secure Key gives you added protection against fraud. As well as your normal username and passwords, the Secure Key generates a temporary code so only you can access your accounts.

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How do I turn off my HSBC Secure Key?

You can call HSBC Bank Telephone Banking 0850 211 0 111 in order to disable your Digital Secure Key.

How do I generate a new security code on my HSBC app?

Open the HSBC Mobile Banking app on your phone and select Generate Security Code. Select Re-authentication security code. Password option – Enter your Digital Security Device passcode and select Generate code.

Can you have HSBC on two phones?

Can two people use the same phone as their Digital Security Devices? No. For security reasons, your Digital Security Device can only be registered to one phone at a time, and only one Digital Security Device can be registered to any one smartphone.

Can I use any HSBC Secure Key?

No, you can’t use someone else’s Secure Key. Only one Secure Key can be activated and linked to each customer.

How do Bank key fobs work?

Each key fob contains a microchip with a unique frequency that communicates with the reader and indicates that the door should be opened. … For example, you could program your building manager’s fob to access all doors in a facility, while a receptionist’s fob may only allow access to a few areas.

How long is a digital secure key password?

The App will then generate a six digit log on security code which you can use to log on securely to the first direct Online Banking and access all the features. To log on to the app, enter either your Digital Secure Key password or (if compatible) the biometric supported by your device.

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