How does security department interact with front office department?

What is the relationship between front office and security department?

The front office needs to provide guest information to the security department in the event of emergency; such as fire alarm, power failure and so on. When guest reports loss of property to the front office, security department will be informed to handle the case together with front office’s assistant manager.

What is the role of security in front office Department?

The Main Security Functions of the Front Office is protecting the Guests and Property. They are 1) People: Guests health, comfort or wellbeing. … 2) Property – Hotel Equipment, machinery, Hotel Room Supplies, fixtures & fittings, software, revenue, reputation etc.

How does the front office communicate with other department?

Within the department, the staff of front office communicate with each other to provide the best possible guest services such as reserving accommodations, registering guests, managing guest accounts, handling guest mails, and personalized guest services.

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What role does the security department play in the hotel?

Hotel Security, or Hotel Security Officers, works to protect the guests and employees of the hotel, along with their valuables.

How does the front office interact with the rest of the rooms division and the other main divisions in a full service hotel?

How does the front office interact with the rest of the rooms division and the other main divisions in a full service hotel? The FO communicates with everyone to ensure guest satisfaction, housekeeping gives the room updates (button on phone), etc.

What is the relation of office to other departments?

The office serves as the co-coordinating link in any organization. For co-coordinating the activities of different departments in an organization, office has to keep relations with each and every department. For example, orders for raw materials, sales, complaints, appointments etc. are passed through office only.

What is the importance of the security prevention department?

Its goal is to keep the criminals from breaking into any area of the property; it accomplishes this by subtly making the environment uncomfortable for them.

What is the function of safety and security?

Workplace safety and security is effective only when programs, policies and procedures achieve their stated objectives—to prevent harm to people, property and the environment. Best practices vary depending on the scope of the specific safety and security measures.

Why is safety and security important in hospitality industry?

Safety and security is vital, especially for housekeeping and engineering department in hospitality industry, because both departments comprises working physically and use of equipment which would increase the risk of accident and injury.

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How do you talk to guest in front office?

Top 10 Dialogues for Front office:

  1. 1) Thank you for calling ( Hotel Name ), How may I help you?
  2. 2) Front Desk This is ( GS Name) Speaking, How may I help you?
  3. 3) Thank you for calling the hotel ( Hotel name ), Have a nice evening!
  4. 4) Thank you for staying with us, Have a nice journey.
  5. 5) Allow me to transfer your call!

What is the basic concept in front office services?

Traditional Front Office functions include reservation, registration, room and rate assignment, guest services, room status, maintenance and settlement of the guest account, and creation of guest history records.