How can I protect my executive?

What does executive protection do?

Incorporating counterespionage measures and education/awareness training is an important part of executive protection. … Executive protection is not just protection from physical harm, but protection from any potentially adverse acts or results that involve the executive.

Who needs executive protection?

Individuals Most Likely to Require Protection

When talking about executive protection, it is essential to protect those individuals with high-profile professions and leaders of industry who have access to trade secrets or governmental influence.

What is an executive protection team?

The mission of an executive protection agent or team is to deter and mitigate any threats towards a client and/or their family. Executive protection is a proactive security solution with the objective of preventing harm or loss to the client by threats in the physical environment.

Does executive protection pay well?

Significantly, San Mateo has a very active Executive Protection job market as there are several companies currently hiring for this type of role.

What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Executive Protection Jobs in California.

City Santa Monica
Annual Salary $83,800
Monthly Pay $6,983
Weekly Pay $1,612

How much does a personal bodyguard cost?

How much does a bodyguard cost? The national average cost for bodyguard protection is $20 to 30 per hour. However, a bodyguard can cost anywhere from $75 per hour for one guard at a one-day private event to $150 per hour for executive protection that may require bodyguards on-site 24/7.

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Can anyone hire a bodyguard?

Bodyguards can be men or women and are intelligent, well-trained, athletic individuals who often have years of service in the military or police forces. … The reality is bodyguards don’t only protect famous politicians or celebrities. Anyone can hire a bodyguard at a reasonable price to help them in a variety of ways.

What is the difference between a bodyguard and executive protection?

A bodyguard would walk his or her client right through the mob, but an executive protection agent avoids a possibly dangerous situation altogether. Bodyguards are typically untrained and only there to look intimidating for anyone who may wish to do the client’s physical harm.

How much do protective agents make?

The average salary for a protection agent is $20.11 per hour in the United States.

How much does executive protection agents make?

The national average salary for a Executive Protection Agent is $76,675 in United States.