Best answer: What does protect my booking mean?

Booking Protect refund protection is a guarantee that guests can buy at the time of ticket purchase that allows them to apply for a full refund in case certain unforeseen circumstances occur.

What is protect booking?

Booking Protect will provide you with a refund on any unused booking if you are unable to start your holiday on its commencement date due to any of the circumstances set out below.

How much does booking Protect cost?

Booking protect is priced from 6% depending on the booking total. The Property owner retains a 30% commission on the 6% or more fee.

What is booking cancellation protection?

you carry out a criminal act which prevents you attending a booked event; you are prevented from travelling to a booked event due to an outbreak of a contagious disease and the Government or any agency acting on behalf of the Government has imposed a ban on travel.

How does refund protection work?

Refund protection cover will refund 100% of a customer’s ticket or booking costs if they are unable to attend for a valid reason. Examples of refund claims include: Illness. Injury of accident.

How long do tickets take to come from gigs and tours?

The fact that you have a confirmation number usually signifies the booking has been successful. Please double check the email address given is spelt correctly as this can lead to failure in receiving your confirmation email. Please allow up to 48 hours for your order confirmation to arrive.

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How do I get my money back from booking com?

Cancel Your Reservation and Ask for a Refund by Contacting Customer Support. To cancel your booking by contacting’s customer support, you need to dial 888-850-3958.

Does free cancellation mean refund booking?

Guests pay a certain amount up front, usually via bank transfer, which they’ll get back if they cancel within the free (flexible) cancellation period. However, if they cancel after that point, they won’t get the deposit back – meaning that you’re covered if they cancel.

Can you cancel non-refundable hotel on booking com?

Even if a guest has booked a non-refundable rate, they can ask to cancel this free of charge. Our research shows that guests are most likely to cancel accidental bookings within 24 hours. In fact, 25% of all cancellation requests are made within this period.

Should I get refund protection?

Is refund protection mandatory? No. Your customers do not have to purchase refund protection – it is absolutely optional.