What is persistent security?

When Persist Security Info=False , security-sensitive information, such as the password, is not returned as part of the connection if the connection is open or has ever been in an open state. If you set Persist Security Info=True , Windows will remember the password specified in the connection string.

What is persist security info true?

Use Persist Security Info=False

Setting Persist Security Info to true or yes allows security-sensitive information, including the user ID and password, to be obtained from a connection after it has been opened.

What does integrated security True mean?

Integrated Security = true : the current Windows account credentials are used for authentication. Integrated Security = SSPI : this is equivalant to true. We can avoid the username and password attributes from the connection string and use the Integrated Security.

What is the difference between integrated security and trusted connection?

In short. Trusted_connection is same as integrated security. SSPI is equivalent to true. Persist security info controls if the password is returned as part of the connections string.

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How do I protect my connection string?

The best way to secure the database connection string is to encrypt the value within the configuration file. The application would then load the encrypted value from the config file, decrypt the value, and then use the decrypted value as the connection string to connect to the database.

What is Oledb connection string?

The . NET Framework data provider for OLE DB connects to an OLE DB data sources through the OleDbConnection object. The OLE DB provider connection string is specified using the ConnectionString property of the OleDbConnection object.

Is connection string safe?

Web. config based connectionstring as seems is unsafe, because one can read it. … Encrypt your Connection String and put that encrypted string in Web. config and then Decrypt it and read through a DLL file.

What is SQL Server integrated security?

Integrated security uses the current Windows identity established on the operating system thread to access the SQL Server database. You can then map the Windows identity to a SQL Server database and permissions. … You must also be sure that the identity has been granted access to the SQL Server database.

What is SQL Server Sspi?

SSPI stands for Security Support Provider Interface. … Other than SSPI you can also use “true”. Integrated Security actually ensures that you are connecting with SQL Server using Windows Authentication, not SQL Authentication; which requires username and password to be provided with the connecting string.

What is the provider name for SQL Server?

System. Data. SqlClient is the . NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Server.

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How does SQL integrated security work?

SQL Server Authentication. Uses a SQL Server login account providing a user ID and password. Integrated security requires that the SQL Server is running on the same computer as IIS and that all application users are on the same domain so that their credentials are available to IIS.

How is integrated security set false?

4 Answers. Integrated Security When false, User ID and Password are specified in the connection. When true, the current Windows account credentials are used for authentication. Recognized values are true, false, yes, no, and sspi (strongly recommended), which is equivalent to true.

What is initial catalog in SQL connection string?

Initial Catalog is the name of the database to be used by the connection string, which is located on the server that was specified in the Data Source part of the connection string.

What is appSettings?

The <appSettings> element stores custom application configuration information, such as database connection strings, file paths, XML Web service URLs, or any other custom configuration information for an application. … You can use the file attribute in the <appSettings> element of the Web.

What is Windows Dpapi?

The Data Protection API (DPAPI) helps to protect data in Windows 2000 and later operating systems. DPAPI is used to help protect private keys, stored credentials (in Windows XP and later), and other confidential information that the operating system or a program wants to keep confidential.

Can you encrypt appSettings JSON?

If you decide to store your secrets in the appsettings. json file, you can easily encrypt and decrypt them via a custom configuration provider.

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