How much are Coast Guard Auxiliary dues?

How much do Coast Guard Auxiliary uniforms cost?

A minimum uniform will cost you approximately $100, and if you choose to participate in the Boat Crew programs, additional personal equipment costs run another $100 or so.

Does Coast Guard Pay auxiliary?

You’re probably familiar with the Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Reserve, but the Coast Guard Auxiliary is what the Reserves used to be — unpaid volunteers who protect our waterways. … Like the fact that an act of Congress switched the Reserve to what it is today — a paid military position.

Is the Coast Guard Auxiliary worth it?

HIGHLY REWARDING. For starters, the Auxiliary is extremely rewarding. I love sharing my boating knowledge and skills as well as helping others who are in need. Whether through a boating safety class, vessel safety exam, or an active search and rescue operation, this organization is hard to beat.

Is the Coast Guard Auxiliary considered military?

The Responsibility of the Auxiliary

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The Coast Guard is a military service and is a component of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Coast Guard Auxiliary is a component of Coast Guard Forces like the active duty, Reserve, and civilian components.

What does Coast Guard Auxiliary do?

It is comprised of 26,000 members who volunteer their time to support the operation of the Coast Guard, promote and improve recreational boating safety, and provide trained crews and facilities to enhance the safety and security of US ports, waterways, and coastal regions.

What are the ranks in the Coast Guard Auxiliary?

In the USCG Auxilary, we do not have “Ranks”… we have “Offices”.

  • Flotilla Level (05-09, Smithfield, VA)
  • Flotilla Staff Officer (FSO)
  • Vice Flotilla Commander (VFC)
  • Flotilla Commander (FC)
  • Division Level (Division 5)
  • Division Staff Officer (SO)
  • Vice Division Commander (VDCR)
  • Division Commander (DCDR)

Can Coast Guard Auxiliary deploy?

Does the Coast Guard Auxiliary get deployed? – Quora. An individual Auxiliarist can be deployed if the Auxiliarist wants to and a unit wants the Auxiliarist to deploy. The short answer to your question is that an Auxiliarist is a volunteer, and as a volunteer you can stop volunteering whenever you want.

Are Coast Guard Auxiliary considered first responders?

AUXEMS is not a “medical team”, “emergency medical services provider”, or a “first responder organization.” AUXEMS is a support organization for members of the Auxiliary who wish to participate individually in existing authorized EMS augmentation roles.

Does Coast Guard Auxiliary have any authority?

The overall authority for Coast Guard Auxiliary administration is vested by law (Title 14 U.S.C. 821) in the Commandant under the direction of the Secretary of Homeland Security.

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Can Coast Guard Auxiliary get a VA loan?

Coast Guard Auxiliary Members may apply for such a loan and are considered as “Sponsor Members” under the program. … If approved, the emergency loan is interest free.

How do you become a Coast Guard Auxiliary?

To be accepted into the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, you must be at least 17 years old; be a citizen of the U.S. (either by birth or by naturalization); and pass a Personal Security Investigation. Use of the online Enrollment Application form is strongly encouraged.

Does Coast Guard Auxiliary qualify for USAA insurance?

Who is eligible for USAA membership? Active duty and retired service members of the U.S. Armed Forces (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard) or in the Selected Reserve or National Guard; or those honorably separated in 1996 or later from active duty, Selected Reserve or National Guard.

Can civilians join Coast Guard Auxiliary?

The Auxiliary is an organization of uniformed volunteers. Membership is open to any citizen of the U.S. and its territories and possessions who is seventeen years of age or older (no mandatory maximum age) and a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc.

How do I join PCG Auxiliary k9 squadron?

Submit 4 copies of ALL *required documents to Squadron. Attend the 4-hour District Level Indoctrination and 2-hour Protocol Orientation. After the 8-hour Orientation, the new member applicant will be placed on a three-month probationary period during which time he/she must be in all Squadron meetings and activities.