How do I know if I have a security clearance army?

If you’re currently employed, checking on your clearance is easy – simply request your Facility Security Officer inquire about the status of your clearance. The vast majority of clearance holders are cleared through the National Industrial Security Program (NISP).

How do I check my Army security clearance?

Log in to the Army’s Human Resources Command (HRC) website using a valid AKO username and password. Select the option to view your Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) by clicking “View Your Records.” Select “View My ERB.”

Do all soldiers have a security clearance?

DO ALL MILITARY MEMBERS HAVE SECURITY CLEARANCE? A very important aspect of many federal service jobs within all five branches of military is getting a security clearance. … Usually the need to obtain new security clearance is determined by the position or MOS.

Do you automatically get security clearance in the Army?

To obtain Army security clearance, you will need to be assigned to a billet that requires you to have one in order to perform your duties. In other words, the security clearance, whether it is confidential, secret or top secret, will need to be mission essential.

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What security clearance do military members have?

The three security clearance levels military people may be approved to hold are, from lowest to highest: Confidential. Secret. Top Secret (TS)

Can you deploy without a security clearance?

A Secret clearance is required for deployment. For current United States Government employees, as soon as selected for deployment you must notify your local Security Manager and ensure he/she verifies your Secret clearance is current.

What army mos require security clearance?

Your MOS and a Security Clearance: Army Military Jobs Requiring Security Clearance

  • 31B – Military Police. …
  • 15W – UAV Operator. …
  • 18 Series – Special Forces. …
  • 35F – Army Intelligence Analyst. …
  • 35M – Human Intelligence Collector.

How do I get my secret clearance?

Obtaining a Security Clearance

  1. Applicants must go through the application phase, which involves verification of US citizenship, fingerprinting and completion of the Personnel Security Questionnaire (SF-86).
  2. The Defense Security Service conducts thorough background checks.

Who approves security clearance?

Security clearances can be issued by many United States Government agencies, including the Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Energy (DoE), the Department of Justice, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

What are the 5 levels of security clearance?

National Security Clearances are a hierarchy of five levels, depending on the classification of materials that can be accessed—Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS), Counter-Terrorist Check (CTC), Enhanced Baseline Standard (EBS), Security Check (SC) and Developed Vetting (DV).

What disqualifies you from a security clearance?

Those include criminal convictions that lead to a prison sentence of a year or longer, receiving a dishonorable discharge, “criminal incompetence,” and drug addiction.

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Who has Top Secret security clearance?

A Top Secret clearance may be granted to those persons who have a “need-to-know” national security information, classified up to the Top Secret level, and who need unescorted access to FBI facilities, when necessary.