How can I get my security bank back online?

How do I reactivate my online banking with Security Bank?

How to Enroll to Security Bank Online

  1. Go to Security Bank Online page.
  2. Click ‘Not Yet Enrolled? …
  3. Click ‘Bank Accounts’
  4. Tick ‘Complete enrollment form and take note of your application reference number’
  5. Read the Terms & Conditions.
  6. Fill out the Digital Form.
  7. Get your Reference Number.
  8. Wait for SMS or Email Notification.

How do I reset my online banking password?

Online Banking

  1. Select Online Banking in the navigation menu on the left hand side.
  2. Click “Forgot password”
  3. Check “I agree to the terms and conditions” and click “Accept”
  4. Enter your Debit Card Number and PIN, click “Next” to continue.
  5. Select “Confirm” and we will send the One Time Password (OTP) to your mobile phone.

How can I activate my Security Bank?

Activation can be done: Via any Security Bank ATM with your Cash Advance PIN. Print & send the scanned form to SB Cards via email or to any Security Branch branch. Your account will be ready for use within 5 to 7 banking days from activation.

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How do I contact customer service at Security Bank for free?

For inquiries and comments, please call our Customer Service hotline at +632 8887-9188, 1-800-1-888-1250 (Toll-free for PLDT landline) or email us at

Can I transfer money from Security Bank to Gcash?

Enter your desired amount and select your Security Bank card you wish to deduct the reload from. Click “Submit” Review your details and click “Confirm” Enter the One Time Password sent to your registered mobile number, and tap “Submit Code”

How do I unlock my online banking account?

If you are locked out of online banking, simply following these steps:

  1. Click on Forgot ID/Password in the login box (a new window will open)
  2. Click “Go to Password Reset” which takes you to an instruction box. Here you will need to enter your: Last four digits of your Social Security Number* Email Address* …
  3. Click “Submit”

How do I recover my access bank login ID?

Forgot Username

  1. Please enter your valid Current/Saving Account number& Submit.
  2. You will Get Authentication to your mail id and to your mobile phone vis SMS.
  3. You will be asked to enter the Activation Code & Submit.
  4. Once valid activation code has been entered you will taken to the next screen.

What do I do if I forgot my user ID and password for internet banking?

In the event of forgetting User-id, User can retrieve it by using the ‘Forgot Username’ link available on login page of OnlineSBI. If the User has forgotten login password, he/she can reset login password online using the link ‘Forgot Login Password’ link available on login page of OnlineSBI.

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How can I check my ATM balance online?


  1. Insert the HDFC debit card.
  2. Enter the 4 digit HDFC ATM pin.
  3. Choose the “Balance Enquiry Option” option.
  4. The ATM will display the account balance on the screen, and a receipt is also printed.
  5. Complete the transaction.

Can I use my Security Bank debit card online?


The card can also be used as a debit card to make purchases with or without a PIN CODE on any physical or online Point of Sale (POS) terminal networks or any other electronic devices and online facilities installed by the BANK in which the card is applicable.

How do I call Security Bank customer service using mobile?

Feel free to reach us through the following channels:

  1. Metro Manila: (02) 8887 9188.
  2. Other Provinces: (02) 8887 9188.
  3. From Abroad: +63 2 8887 9188.

How do I report a security bank account?

Security Bank encourages its banking clients to report suspicious activities by calling the Security Bank Fraud Hotline at 8-814-2664 or send a message on Viber at +63917-893-0111.

Is Security Bank customer service hours?

For assistance, you may call our Customer Service hotline at (02) 8887-9188 from 8AM to 5PM.