Can we declare protected variable in interface?

3 Answers. as you have declare variable in test interface with private and protected it will give error. if you do not specify the modifier the compiler will add public static final automatically. Having private or protected members in an interface doesn’t make sense conceptually.

Can we define protected members in interface?

Interfaces can also have protected members. They are not accessible by the derived class, but via the derived interface. If the class wants to implement the protected member, it has to be done via implementing interface explicitly. Interfaces can also have virtual members, but the class can’t override the method.

Can we use private or protected member variables in an interface?

No, it is not possible to define private and protected modifiers for the members in interfaces in Java. As we know that, the members defined in interfaces are implicitly public or in other words, we can say the member defined in an interface is by default public.

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Can you specify protected method in interface?

Protected methods are always accessible by sub-class only if subclass extends the base class. In case of interface, subclass never extends the interface. It implements the interface. Protected methods are accessible via extend and not with implement.

Why protected is not allowed in interface?

2 Answers. Protected methods are intended for sharing implementation with subclasses. Interfaces have nothing to offer as far as implementation sharing goes, because they have no implementation at all. Therefore all methods on interfaces must be public.

Do you declare private and protected modifiers for variables in interfaces?

We cannot declare class/interface with private or protected access specifiers.

Which member is not allowed in interface?

Private members don’t make sense in interface. Interface is a way to access a class with defined methods where you don’t need to see the inners of that class. Private members disagree to that. Members of a class that are declared private are not inherited by subclasses of that class.

Can we declare variables in abstract class?

Abstract classes can have instance variables (these are inherited by child classes). … Finally, a concrete class can only extend one class (abstract or otherwise). However, a concrete class can implement many interfaces. This fact has nothing to do with abstract classes.

Can Java interface be protected?

all interface declarations should have the public or default access modifier; the abstract modifier will be added automatically by the compiler. an interface method can’t be protected or final. … interface variables are public, static, and final by definition; we’re not allowed to change their visibility.

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Can an interface extend another interface?

An interface can extend other interfaces, just as a class subclass or extend another class. However, whereas a class can extend only one other class, an interface can extend any number of interfaces. The interface declaration includes a comma-separated list of all the interfaces that it extends.

Can we declare protected abstract methods in an interface?

Yes, you can declare an abstract method protected.

Is it possible to declare method of the interface as private yes or no?

Yes, we can have private methods or private static methods in an interface in Java 9. We can use these methods to remove the code redundancy. Private methods can be useful or accessible only within that interface only. We can’t access or inherit private methods from one interface to another interface or class.

Can we have private interface in C#?

Interface cannot include private, protected, or internal members. All the members are public by default. Interface cannot contain fields, and auto-implemented properties. A class or a struct can implement one or more interfaces implicitly or explicitly.

Can an interface have private methods C++?

C++ objects provide three standard interfaces to an object: the public interface, intended for use by everyone, the protected interface, intended for use by derived classes, and the private interface, intended for use by only that class. … One way to provide additional interfaces is to inherit from base classes.

Can we use private and protected access modifier inside an interface?

Interface Access Modifiers

Java interfaces are meant to specify fields and methods that are publicly available in classes that implement the interfaces. Therefore you cannot use the private and protected access modifiers in interfaces.

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