"Comprehensive system configuration scan"

The software supports AIX 5.3/6.1, and 7.1, and consists of several shell-scripts packaged in a single RPM that can be installed or removed with one simple command, leaving nothing but the reports you created. SystemScan AIX uses only standard AIX commands and no third-party utilities are required. The tests are limited to the AIX configuration only and no other data will be accessed.

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One of the biggest challenges for any organisation is to ensure that their systems are correctly built and configured. Maximising efficiency, whilst minimising security exposure, and satisfying managers and auditors. SystemScan AIX produces simple, clear, and concise reports which enable administrators to check that they have consistently implemented their systems in accordance with policy and legal requirements. SystemScan AIX is available both as a stand-alone “out of the box” solution, or as a customised enterprise wide version, individually enhanced to fulfil your organisation’s requirements.

Quick and Easy

SystemScan AIX reports can be gathered from single or multiple systems and then viewed on any browser, thus enabling you to quickly and simply create management reports without requiring extended access rights. Each web report provides a detailed set of results for each test, along with comprehensive help text, warnings, and advice, presented as a simple interactive summary.


User defined risk scoring
SystemScan AIX allows you to edit the risk messages and decide which are the most important thus enabling you to identify potential audit or security issues. Read details.
Highlight the usage of SMT (Simultaneous Multiple Threading)
How SMT can be used to boost the efficiency and performance of your system and workloads. Read details.
Check installations and upgrades
Incomplete or unwanted installations and upgrades waste a lot of disk space and can rick the stability of the system Read details.